Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Galata Tower

Mere auto mechanic ka taaluq Istanbul se hai. Choti si dukan hai. Imandar aadmi hai. Main gaari ke chote mote kaam usi se kerwa leta hun. Hum use 'Jibran' bulatey hain.

Main ne zindagi ke baRe baRe sabaq kitaboN ki bajaaye aam insaaon se sikhay hain - ke insaan hi is kaainat ki sab se bari kitab hai.

Kal Jibran ne mujeh bataya ke woh 2 hafte ke liye Istanbul ja raha hai. Main ne yunhi rawani main kaha: "You just went there last year. And, if I am not mistaken you were there a year before too". 

Jibran hasne laga aur phir us ne mujeh ye kahani sunaii:

"I was born and raised in Istanbul. I got married and had kids while in Istanbul. I was an extremely ambitious person. I did well in career and made good money before even I reached 30. Luckily I got good wife and 2 beautiful children. I wanted to make more money. I sold my business and  moved to USA. But still I had some payment to come from my sold business. The guy who bought my business start giving me run around. I had to call every other day, and when that didn't work, I had to personally go there few times - but to no avail. Overtime I got angry, furious and almost mad, as it was a huge amount of money. My wife, friends and family advised me to let it go as I was doing well in USA - but now it was more a fight of ego, sense of getting conned and revenge. One day, I literally start having idea of killing or physically harming that person. That night I saw a dream that I am at top of Galata Tower (Istanbul landmark) with my 2 kids - and though I am there holding them, one after another my kids slipped from my arms despite holding them tight and fell down from tower and I see their bodies dead on floor from top of tower. Impact of that dream was so intense that I was unable to function for 2/3 days. Turkey is a sufi land of Hazrat Rumi. I took this as a divine message that my actual asset are my kids, revenge will eventually hurt me and money does not matter. As soon as I understood that, I was all calm - and since that day I never worried about loss of money. I do travel to Istanbul every year not only to see my family but also to sit near Galata tower sipping turkish apple chai  reminding myself that important lesson of life. You can call it my annual spiritual pilgrimage."

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