Monday, December 07, 2015

'Keep Moving'

As they say in Africa: "When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground with him".

My initial inspiration of writing stories, learning lessons of life and thinking out of box came from my Nana (maternal grandfather). I used to spend hours and hours just sitting and listening to him. Making long story short: I still get excited when I hear old people sharing lessons of their lives. In this regard my most favourite article is from Khushwant Singh HERE.

A week ago, I had pleasure to read Dick Van Dyke's book 'Keep Moving' on similar theme. He is now almost 90 and he thinks following 5 things matter in life.

1. Family and Friends - particularly children.
2. Habit to Question things, concepts and curiosities around
3. Appreciation of good Music and ability to dance on it
4. Reading and having books
5. A good sense of humor

I loved his comment: "Collect experiences, not memories". (Take away lesson for me from his book).

I honestly believe that good sleep and good dreams are essential for healthy psych of any human. He says forgiveness is the best sleeping pill at philosophical level but pragmatically if you write down all your to do list for next day (or try to write down your emotions) on a  piece of paper, it will make you light and you will sleep better.

I am writing diary since age of 19 and surely this practice has helped me.


bsc said...

I have something to say. Yes I did imbibe much from sitting and listening to elders including the "adab" in their presence.
Mystic, may be yours is the last generation doing that. Nowadays children do not sit or listen to "elders company" as they think they learn more from the gadgets they have in their hands which they are constantly occupied with. As, for adab amongst the elders, that is the story of the past "Qissa-e-Parina"
May be they know something more but dada and nana's personal lives have given them innumerable stories worth much more. that they will never realize. I do not know but I fear this 'change' of culture may have some unpleasant consequences.

mystic said...

Yes uncle...

"......mohalle ki sab se purani nishani,
woh burhiya jeese bachhe kehte the nani
woh nani ki baton main paryon ka dera,
woh chehre ki jhurion main sadion ka phera
bhulaye nahi bhool sakta hai koi
woh choti si ratain, woh lambi kahani......"

Shayed har generation aik naya tajarba kerti hai.
Ab iPAD aur google hi hamari naniaN hain :)