Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On "Hajira" - (I cried for my Mom)

A beautiful post on Hazrat Hajra's motherhood from Saugoree uncle

"I cried for my Mom: I really did cry like a baby. Muslims are all well aware of the rituals of Hajj and Umrah. One of the rituals is "SaƩe" (Brisk walk or run between Safa and Marwah the two small hills in the Haram in Makkah Mukarrama) God liked it so much that He made it a ritual for all times to be followed by Muslims who go for Hajj or Umra. Have been there many times and did it regularly during my Hajj and during my previous Umrahs. This had not occurred to me before.

Last Umrah was last week and while busy performing, my thoughts went to Bibi Hajira who was overtaken by the worry of her baby (Ismaeel AS), lying in the desert "unprotected" except with prayers of the Father and of his mother who also had to search for water as he was thirsty. Mothers know it well. Fathers probably not so well. The real pain in the heart for the baby. God so liked that feeling of the motherhood that He made it a "celebration". How much worry and pain she (Bibi Hajira) must have gone through while going on the hill to look for water for her thirsty baby and then keeping an eye so no wild animal attacks him. Then there was a low-lying part of the distance between the two hills where she could not see the baby so she would run, hustle or rush to get back higher so she would not lose sight of her baby. Praying all the while to the Almighty to solve the problem of her thirsty baby. No mention there of her own thirst and physical distress all alone with that baby, not thinking of her own problems that her Husband had left her there with the baby all under the "orders of God Almighty".

And suddenly I was thinking how my own mother must have brought me up worrying and being concerned about my well being etc. Of course she has been dead over 45 years now but my heart started crying and I was suddenly shaken, I found my throat choked and my eyes filled with tears and I found myself crying loud .  (Read  Saugoree Uncle's full post HERE)

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