Tuesday, March 15, 2016


"Babaji! Asli sufi ki asal pehchaan kiya hai"
"Beta! Asli Sufi woh hota hai jo apna asal chupa ke chalta hai"


mehnaz said...

Nazar aur nazariye ka farq hai, a true sufi cannot be hidden as you cant hide light or fragrance. Mevlana Rumi in his discourse fi hi ma fihi says about a true sufi "a disciple trained by a man of God will have a pure spirit But the (false) one trained by a hypocrite will be just like him "despicable, weak, incapable, morose, without any exit from uncertainities and deficient in all his senses". Also, it is said a true sufi will always follow shariah.

mehnaz said...
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bsc said...

Mehnaz baitee you never fail to impress me
عطر آں باشد کہ خود ببوید نہ کہ عطّار بگوید
But there is some truth in that statement also. A real Sufi does not try to expose himself but his magic of behavior and expression and his piety betrays him and in that way one may say "he hides himself"
One sufi (I am not good remembering names) known for his piety and frequent fasting was placed in front of a huge audience of admirers so he stood up in front of them and ate something even though he was fasting so it may be called "hiding". You could have other meanings of his action also

mystic-soul said...


I partially agree with you. I differ with later part. I think that is a very limited and 'closed arms' definition of a Sufi. For me: "Any human who seeks path of truth in each act of life and try not to harm any other human in any act of life is a Sufi"

This post seems true for a a version of Sufism called: Malamati Sufis

mehnaz said...

Jazakallah uncle. I liked the story of this sufi.
I believe in goodness of every soul but
The danger arises when people start following the false ones.

mehnaz said...
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