Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Good Dinosaurs

As in last few months, I blogged about my fascination with some of the kids' new animated movies - where they try to simplify complicated concepts to make them think 'out of box'. Movies like 'inside out' (here), 'Captain America" (here), 'Zootopia' (here), 'Minions' (here) and others.

'The Good Dinosaur' (trailer) is an interesting concept. Whenever we hear word Dinosaur it brings negative connotation in our mind as human brains have been conditioned to think of them as wild savage animals who roam on this planet earth destroying everything. This movie tried to reverse that impression by showing that Dinosaurs were just a living creature on this planet earth and indeed like humans there were many good hearted and helpful among them.

On side note: It brought back in my head famous dinosaur scene (here) from a highly acclaimed movie 'Tree of life' (here).

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