Saturday, August 06, 2016

On "AI"

Some people are really very smart as they can see very easily, very clearly and in easy words answers to very complex issues. Stephen Hawkins concluded in his famous book: "A Brief History of Time" that there will never be any 'Time Machine', as if it's true, people from future would have already visited us. Or as he concluded: "Probability is that there is no other intelligent life superior to human in universe - otherwise they would have already contacted us".

Few weeks back while at MIT, I heard an interesting argument that: "Most human developments, discoveries and progresses are due to making mistakes and learning from mistakes, and this constant endeavor. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have less chances of making mistakes and so may never be able to overcome human power. In other words perfection is not a positive characteristic, rather learning from imperfection is an ideal characteristic!!

Some people are so intelligent that it just baffles my mind!


Books and stilettos said...

I agree with you 100% - and what's more interesting and fascinating to me is that sometimes people who we don't
" suspect " or think are intelligent say or do something so awesome that it amazes you!

mystic-soul said...

B n S: I agree