Tuesday, August 09, 2016

On "The Toughest Test of Friendship"

Friendships and human bondings remained the core value  of my life. But it was not easy as I found it very hard to walk that fine line between being a "naseh' and a 'charasaz'. Indeed I have lost many friends when they needed me just to vent their emotions but as a true friend, I found it my responsibility to identify their blind spots, which sometimes grow to full blindness during moments of crisis. I blogged about it here. On the same token, I myself, during some of my wicked days of life became an extremely hypersensitive human and lost many friends as it was hard for them to sustain my bickerings. Over many years, I learned to stay quiet and let vent happen. I learned myself to become hypersensitive to friends' needs - as the most important thing they need is your presence. Absence is the biggest bummer in such situations. And, once I see the low tide of emotions, I try to passively express my honest opinion.

One sage years ago told me that: "The most important thing in life to say, I am here if you need me  - and mean it".

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