Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Mandela Effect

Hum sab "Mandela Effect" ke maare hain

Baqol N.M Rasheed, hum sab Guman ke Mumkin hain 
Baqol Saleem Kausar: Ajab aitabar 0 be-aitbaar ke darmiyaaN hai zindagi

Bus hone ka aik aihtamaal sa hai!

MakeeN hain hum yahan ke, 
hamari kaainaat kahiN aur hai

koi kal nahi - na jaane wala, na aane wala 
bus aik isi lamhe main pinhaN hai zindagi


mehnaz said...

Very interesting! I have a friend who is very much into parallel dimensions, multiverses, string theory, eternal now etc. And we have had many interesting discussions on this, as mind boggling as it is, every possibility is possible:-) Einstein said:
“The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one. and I really like this statement of another scientist: that different times are the same as different universes.
“The universes we can affect we call the future. Those that can affect us we call the past. All outcomes are present.

Usi ek naqsh ke aks hain ye zameen bhi
Ye zamaan bhi/ Jawan arzoo ke sanam kade, thaki justajoo ke jahan bhi

Wahi ek dasht-e-namood hai kabhi
Dasht me kabhi baagh me/ Usi ek daal ke phool hain ye Yaqeen bhi ye Gumaan bhi.

mehnaz said...
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mystic-soul said...


I am not completely sold on the idea of parallel universes but indeed it is an interesting and convincing concept.

But I buy the concept of 'time' as a huge one fireball, instead of its been linear. I blogged at 2 places at least


In 2 ashaar ki puri ghazal find karo please.

mehnaz said...

Correction: it is
Ek mauj-e-namood hai.
I havent been able to find the puri ghazal, in fact if you ever find plz let me know.

mystic-soul said...


About 10 years ago, I blogged a hypnotic session of mine in this regard. Read here. Those days, I used to blog things just to keep track of events. It may interest you

bsc said...

I have had to do lot of study to understand both of you (Mystic and Shehnaz) so instead of writing here I wrote my own blog to day that you should see whenever you have time and then let me know please, if I understood correctly or I am still confused.