Monday, August 15, 2016

On "Life Many or Less Choices"

Few days ago I was listening to Shah Rukh Khan regarding his life from middle class, early demise of his parents, his arrival to Bollywood as a survival and than achieving the top spot there. (I could not relocate the particular link on youtube)

As a human we feel constraint, irritated and unhappy when life doesn't presents many options to us while making any decision. But what I have seen and learned that human mind is mostly prone to make wrong choice if given too many options. Many times, it is a blessing when life decides a way for us. I think: "Life is all about acceptance and perception".

I have to agree with Shah Rukh; "Success is usually accidental"!

On Side note: My crush Mila Kunis is back in "Bad Moms" and look as stunning as ever and this time with more maturity. Its a good movie to just laugh and have a good time. Trailer here


Shaan said...

One Question Mila Kunis ko dhek kar apko kis ki yaad aati hai? :)
jawab zarrori nahi bas aeyvi poocha liya.

Books and Stilettos said...

Mila Kunis is so beautiful . I just watched this not so good movie to see her on screen again !

mystic-soul said...

Shan: Mila Kunis ko dekh ke bus Mila Kunis ki yaad aati hai!! :)

B and S: I agree she is an extremely beautiful woman..but as a whole,I liked the movie. It was just halki phulki fun movie

Shaan said...

:) Mujhe bhi same lagta hai...