Saturday, August 08, 2015

Sufism and Homosexuality- On submission

Sufism has always been alleged either subtly and at few places loudly with practice of homosexuality. Tons of articles have been written on it and writing anything further here would be a cure of insomnia. Personally, I never found any evidence throughout history which attest, condone or provides any evidence of encouragement of this practice in any sect of sufism. I believe whole confusion arise from the notion in literature of sufism in which sufi praises, call or beg his hadi or mursheed as a male and label himself as his bride - like Maulana Rumi for his master Shams Tabrizi or when Amir Khusrow says: Mohay suhagan kini, rey mosey naina milaayke ( You've made me your bride, by just a glance). (see here)

After above said, I had an interesting conversation with one friend on psychology of submission between man and woman, and use of this psych in sufi practice. By nature Man carries a huge inflated Ego and in his own brain he (likes to) see himself as a God who can provide, nurture and protect against any afat. And woman by nature seeks a perfect man whom she can submit to seek all these and feels complete. As Bashir Badar said beautifully:

 Mujeh apni chadar se yun dhaanp lo, 
Zameen aa'sman kuch dikhaii na dey

I was told above explanation does not hold any water in modern time. I disagree. Man and woman are creatures born with given psychology. And why man seeks woman is another topic.

On side note, submission or to pretend submission is an art and may become a weapon of manipulation, through which woman since time of eve is fucking man's mind!


bsc said...

Yes I do not think Suufis have "homosexuality. It is the expression of love for the creator in that color that the yearning 'female' toward meeting with "male" (creator)
I think at least in India it reverbrates with the Hindu Bhajans of similar nature and I feel Soofis attracted many hindoos from thin angle toward Islam (my guess)
Like Amir Khusrau's "dohay, one I have been trying to recall
سپنے مین مورے پی ملے کر نا سکی کوئ بات
۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ ملت رہی دو ہاتھ
Similar to what you mentioned
However ِit does have some truth in poetry as some poets have written. I remember about Ghalib for example:
ان کا جو خط آنے لگا شاید کہ خط آنے لگا

mystic-soul said...

Uncle - loved your comment with Ghalib's reference