Monday, February 08, 2016

Life of Potato

~ ke danaa khak main mil ker gule gulzaar hota hai

Recently one of the portrait of organic irish potato sold for 1.08 million dollars. Though I still think it was an idiotic affair but it led me to dig into news further to understand what makes the buyer so interested  in spending such a huge amount of money.

And it was interesting!

Potato never sees good weather and stays in dirt! Potato's life is full of misery but at the end it provides taste to all human foods. Best time to harvest potato is in fall until the tops of the vines have died! and it needs to finish its life beneath the soil in dirt before winter, and need to be shoveled before frost arrive. It is a very delicate tuber and can't be allowed to freeze.  Does following line sounds familiar to you: 

"The skins of mature potatoes are thick and firmly attached to the flesh. If the skins are thin and rub off easily, your potatoes are still too ‘new’ and should be left in the ground for a few more days".

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