Wednesday, February 10, 2016

On "Antagonism of Two Basic Needs"

(Taken from Bron Zeage' novel Nina September) - here

“There is something you have to understand.” The tone of his voice changed and Little One knew he demanded her complete attention. She shook her head to clear the images of last night and prepared to receive her lesson.  “We are all born with two basic needs in our heart. The first is to feel safe and secure. This is what a parent does for a child. The child does nothing in return. It is unconditional love.” Little One felt a twinge in her belly. It was a strange lesson for someone who never had a parent. 

“My parents never made me feel safe and secure,” Little One said quietly. 

“You don’t know,” he replied. “Leaving you at the Home may have been the best they could do, it may have been the only thing they could do. You were safe and secure, weren’t you?”

“Well, yes,” Little One answered. She was glad her face was turned away from Daddy. “So, what’s the second need?” She tried not to sound petulant.

“The second need is to feel valued and desired. This need is so strong, we will eagerly give up all safety and security to pursue it.”

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