Thursday, February 18, 2016


(This blog is more of a portal of people living away from their land of origin)

Following is a piece of conversation, I thoroughly enjoyed - and speak a lot of brain drain from third world countries. One of my class fellow recently received a letter confirming his full professorship in Medicine in one of the top ivy league university. I called him to congratulate.

"Yaar! bohat bohat mubarak ho! Duniya ki sab se bari university main full professorship of Medicine - woh bhi itni young age main. I am really proud of you".

Us ne zor ka qehqaha lagaya aur jawab diya:

"Bhai! main to yahan sirf roti kamane aaya tha! magar in haramioN ne kisi aur hi raaste pe laga diya"!!


Beyond said...

False modesty. I can see my father saying the exact same thing.

mystic-soul said...

Nahi! I guess most immigrants usually leave their country for greener grass , but over time their intelligence takes over.

Aly Jafferani said...

kia baat kardi yar. bohat dair ki meharbaan atay atay.