Monday, February 01, 2016

On "One Unique Edge" / Dr. Bawani

Over my career, I had hundreds of residents, fellows and other house staff working with me. Most of them finished their tenure and moved on with their profession. Some were excellent and some were mere mediocre. But one fellow who is still remembered in our department was Dr. Bawani. It is now almost 3 years since he left after his fellowship as a vascular surgeon. It led me to think what made him so different from others as be punctual, hard working, intelligent, good bed manners etc. should not be factors as many many others have all those. Actually, what made him unique over hundreds of others is one of his unusual habit. After every surgery, he used to draw a beautiful picture on paper of vascular bypasses done, label it - and to be a part of medical chart. It made things very easy and visual for non surgical staff as they exactly knew what happened in OR.

Those of us, who find that one unique distinguishing edge in their work makes a real difference. 


bsc said...

This is the "art" of practice
I saw a plastic surgeon drawing such figures after each surgry on paper and also now they plan on computers for that. Vascular surgeons may also be doing it but being a gifted "drawer" is something else

mystic-soul said...

I met few very smart people in this career. They were all amazing human beings.