Saturday, October 08, 2016

On "Superiority of Numbers"

I think it was Al-Khwarizmi who said that "numbers are superior to words". I never paid much attention to this till I was introduced to master mathematician Leonhard Euler's famous "Identity". The formula is considered to be the most beautiful of all mathematical derivatives. It says: 

When you drive* Cos, Sin and Pi value (which basically encompasses circle and axes) with an imaginary number i and a constant e, you get zero. So mathematically, it can be proven that everything either manifested from nothing (should say zero) or will degrade into nothing. 

Na tha kuch to khuda tha kuch na hota to khuda hota 
Daboya mujh ko hone ne, na hota main to kiya hota

* You may need to google the whole derivative of formula


mehnaz said...

Wow! Is ko sun ke me too remembered, Ahmed Faraaz: "wo to patthar pe bhi guzre na na khuda hone tak;
Jo safar maine na hone se kiya hone tak."

mehnaz said...
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Anonymous said...

If Zero means nothing, so there was no Allah and at the end, there will be no Allah. Right?

bsc said...

Let me see if I can make some correction in the last comment of Anonymous
. Zero does not mean nothing because in Math. it is a figure just like figure of one or hundred
"Anonymous" is a person not "no name"
Allah is NOT a "thing" and therefore your equation is not applicable. Allah is beyond zero
Like in " Kuch na hota to Khuda hota"

Forgive me if I hurt anybody by my comment

mehnaz said...

Subhanallah, what a beautiful answer, Uncle. I thought of you first when I read this comment and felt uncle may answer it!

mehnaz said...
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mehnaz said...
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mystic-soul said...

Thank you for explaining uncle.

Anonymous :: Zero is an existing reality from which all attributes (positive or negative) originates, but by itself, it is unique and monorealistic.

Shaan said...

MashaAllaha.....What an explanation "apne toa dil jeet liya"Uncle.