Friday, October 28, 2016

On little break from blogosphere

Lately,  it is getting hard for me to physically reach to desktop to blog. Will be off for a while -


Beyond said...

Hope you are well. I have sent you few emails. I assume you did not get them. Please contact me.

Aly said...

Iqbal Bhai,

you can use the mobile app :( Will miss you.

bsc said...

Mystic, this is the most Mystical part of you where on earth you get such couplets
what a smal behr and so meaningful she'r wi so simple words. One can just get wonderstruck
Like if you all remember what Zawq said he will give all his deevan for one she'r
Tun meray pass hotay ho goya
jab koiee doosra nahin hota

Shaan said...

Hum toa bas apke blogs miss kartei hai.hope everything is ok.

mehnaz said...

Sir Mystic,
What a beautiful verse! Im wonderstruck too.

Here is a poem of ibne insha....