Sunday, October 16, 2016

On "unanswered prayers"

In last few weeks, I had to go through some issues in life which required a lot of prayers. In some moments of despondency, as it always happens you get a solace, a ishara or a guidance. I received this forwarded message and it put peace in my heart.


mehnaz said...

Sometimes the best gifts in life are unanswered prayers! sang Garth Brooks, this I heard when I was not even looking for answers (Allah is showing us signs all along), and strangely sometimes
some answers come from places we least expect them to!
On a positive note, I always look toward this line by Elizabeth Barret Browing
"Gods gifts put man's best dreams to shame" and in that case may we all be showered with the beautiful gifts of God!!!

bsc said...

Yes and true indeed
As Muslims even better understanding is that ├╝nanswered"prayers are deposited with Allah for the future (including aakhirah) benefits of the Muslim So a true Muslims true prayer is never unanswered so to speak