Friday, February 17, 2017

Hindsight of Twitter

Aristotle said: "Contemplation is the highest human activity."

Twitter did many harms to the human psychology (even not counting what it is doing to President Trump). In my eyes, the biggest drawback of being a twitter junkie is getting your attention span down to 144 characters. Everything i.e every thought, reaction, answer or pondering has become like a drive-through of a fast food restaurant. As we dipped down from voluminous novels to novelettes, and then from short stories to paragraphs and now to small sentences, we are fastly losing depth of our intuition, intellect, and wisdom.

I enjoy here and there funny comments and thoughts people leave on twitter but I hope people don't lose their ability to ponder long on meaningful thoughts in life.


Beyond said...

Interesting. I am on twitter, however, I usually read jokes. Or something inspirational. I like it when things are precise. Does not mean that you cannot contemplate about deeper issues. But you are right. It is addictive. Because it is full of stimuli because there is a large variety.

bsc said...

لکھتے رہے جنوں کی حکایات خونچکاں
ہر چند اس میں ہاتھ ہمارے قلم ہوئے

Yes I guess This President somehow stimulates everybody to say something
and as the above verse indicates we should continue

mystic-soul said...

Beyond:: I guess, it's instant gratification

Uncle: It's a beautiful verse. Do you know the poet?

bsc said...

Chacha Ghalib hi aisa likh saktay hain