Friday, February 03, 2017

On "Handwriting"

In case if you are interested in study of signatures and handwriting, this is an interesting article to browse through


Link ::


bsc said...

As a neurologist I have paid attention to writing and how a person holds the writing instrument, also size of the letters and details etc. (for neurologic diagnosis, like you all know about writing small letters by Parkinsonian people)
This comment/article about signatures says a lot about the personality. Media had commented that Trump signature looks like an EKG (we can see that)

mehnaz said...

Uncle, am sending you my handwriting sample. Maybe ill come to know some concealed facts, the fact that you have a powerful insight other than being a Neurologist is not hidden from us.

bsc said...

Mehnaz baitee that is flattering but I feel you are over-reading my thoughts I have a vast experience of life yes and what ever Allah SWT has provided me with some insight
May Allah keep me and all of us on the straight path - ameen