Sunday, March 19, 2017

An opinion on man and woman

I have an 80 years old very wise friend who is now retired, but very widely traveled and experienced with life. We frequently get engage in lengthy conversation after my work on and off. He made following comment from his experiences in life. I don't agree but it is worth sharing.

"Man may not take it seriously if he comes to know his woman likes another man in her heart as far as she is not sleeping with him. And woman may not mind if his man is sleeping with another woman as far he does not give her any place in his heart".



Anonymous said...

This man has not seen any desi shakki mizaj shohar or desi khawateen ?
I don't think I agree with any part of his opinion. To me its cheating if you are even thinking about someone else and second part is obviously another level of that cheating saga where there is no going back ... Cheating just bothers me at its core because if you are not faithful to your partner then why stay together ...Marriage or no marriage why hurt someone like that ?

Oh Yeah the usual argument ...bachay hain.... ye zamana kia kahay ga...yeh hai ya wo hai ? but seriously why live such a miserable (woman thinking of another man ), gunah alooda life (man sleeping with another person)....does not make sense to me at all.

mystic-soul said...

Anonymous : That's why in said in the beginning that I don't agree. But life is interesting and it amaze me that how people think so differently and perceive life and relationships so 180 degree different.

The Nest said...

yeh aap ki khush fehmi hai.

mystic-soul said...