Saturday, May 07, 2016

Masaan / Montreal Airport gate # 75

(Following post has 2 parts as interestingly last scene was kind of an exact replica of one event from my own life - and I am sure from lives of many other people)

I never heard or intend to watch this Indian movie but while in the airplane, this was my only choice.

This is an interesting movie and takes you in its grip from the very first scene. Life is a strange and bizarre collection of unexpected events which sometimes leave people numb as not knowing how to react. Unexpected sudden deaths or near deaths of loved ones, the financial crisis in the middle of the poverty, class differences, brutality of society - we all live in the ocean of such potential setbacks. At the end, a common human has no choice but to let go of his or her sorrow (as devi let go gift of her boyfriend at one of the ghaat of Varanasi) and share the sorrows of other humans (as deepak did by offering the bottle water to her).

Word masaan is a short form of shamshaan (cremation place).

Movie reportedly won many awards.

Trailer here


Ye shayed 2013 ka saal tha. Main thake qadmoN Montreal Airport ke gate number 75 pe apni flight ka intazaar ker raha tha. Saamne 'second cup' se li hui 'chai latte' mere haaton main thandi ho rahi thi. BichaRne wale dost ka dukh bhi shadeed tha aur apni kam-maaigi ka aehsaas bhi bohat qawi tha. Mere saamne aik 20-22 baras ki french-canadian laRki baar baar apne cell-phone ki screen dekhti jaati thi aur zaar-o-qatar roye jaati thi. Jab uska rona hichkioN main bandh giya to main ne us se poocha: "I hope everything is OK with you? And is there anything I can do for you?". Us ne apne cell-phone ki screen mujeh dikhaii - jis pe uske boyfriend ka message tha: "we can't be together, we are done". Aese moqoN pe alfaaz kahan kaam aate hain - main uth ker phir 'second cup' gaya - aur pani ki aik bottle laa ker use de di ke 'I hope you feel better'! - aur apne dost ki mojoud aakhri nishani ko wahin aik charity box main drop ker diya.


mehnaz said...

You should watch traffic and ALigarh(both inspired by real stories)and both starring Manoj Bajpai(always amazed by this guys acting prowess)
Let go or be dragged says a zen saying. We all have to eventually let go whether of dead or dead relationships-Masaan forms an excellent backdrop for the theme.

Beyond said...

It is eerie. I saw a woman in a tube in London last night who was bare feet and crying and looking at her mobile. My kids kept on looking at her. I was taken aback by your post as it was so similar. Sadly, I could not offer her anything.

Saira said...

For me, the movie was all about how boldly devi faced the trials and tribulations of life's testing time with assertiveness, courage and truth. It was a huge display.

mystic-soul said...

Mehnaz: I am still trying to find Aligarh on DVD. Online version is not clear.