Friday, May 13, 2016

On our "Humility Pies"

When I was in fellowship, one of our attending was famous to thrash house staff (residents/fellows) who tend to brag about their academic knowledge by asking further difficult questions. He used to say: "Son it is your time to eat some humility pie".

Life is another teacher which make sure to feed us our humility pies whenever we tend to cross our line.

Insaan khubsurat ho to ishq ka ghao kha jaata hai
DusroN pe dhons jamaye to beemari kha jaati hai
Aqalmandi pe magroor ho to  koi chuna laga jaata hai
BaRe chao se gaari khareedtta hai to koi nuqs nikal aata hai
Shandaar makan main basera kare to chat' tapakne lagti hai
siyana ho ke short cut maare to traffic jam main phans jaata hai

I found life to serve everyone, his or her share of humility pie


bsc said...

Dont you think some presidential candidate needs such pie

mystic-soul said...

Most of them Sir! - and hopefully in November those who really deserves will get it.