Sunday, May 01, 2016


Lately, I found kids' animated movies full of mature themes. 'Inside Out' (here) and 'Minions' (here) were two remarkable movies where complicated concepts were simplified for kids in simple animated versions. Zootopia is on the same line. Zootopia came out at least 2 months back and I was scratching my head with wonder that why this movie became a huge blockbuster, and so many adults went to theaters to watch this movie.

In view of the recent political climate of USA - it was a perfect statement against bigotries, myths and biases of any human society, which may get out of hand with a simple misconception and may harm many innocent lives - and destroy communities. If you are a Muslim, gay, black or an immigrant in present day's America  - and if you are watching inflammatory rhetoric of Donald Trump with apprehensions - this movie is for you to watch.

With massive box-office  business, I am happy that most of the common Americans embraced the idea and notion display in the movie that color, origination (said as DNA in the movie), religion or any other orientation do not make humans savages or predators but one given bad ideology can turn any human into it.

I agree with Mr. Warren Buffet - that people like Donald Trump may slow the process of the diversification (popularly known as melting pot) of America - but it will not stop American business, and kids born in present day America are the luckiest crop!

Full five stars to movie

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