Monday, August 07, 2017


I watched this second world war movie Dunkirk. In childhood, I was a huge fan of second world war movies (naturally the favorite is 'Where Eagles Dare'). After long time I watched a 2nd WW flick, and it led me to think that, how a war changes a human at personal level. As at one point in the movie, a rescuer said to his son about a survivor: "He is not himself,  and will never be the same". While working in USA, I have met many war veterans, and trust me, many though came back alive but their souls were lost.

This movie is unique in the sense that instead of glorifying win on forefronts, it portrays the agony and pain of a struggling force. I doubt, war ever brings prosperity to either side.

Sahir Ludhianvi famously said in his poem (full poem in Roman and Nastaliq here)

جنگ تو خود ہی ايک مسئلہ ہے
جنگ کيا مسئلوں کا حل دے گی

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bsc said...

Amazing, just in one morning I get two write-ups on war. NO I lived as a child through II WW news about Ittahadi fawjen yahan puhinch gaiuiN waghaira etc. I remember eating sweets in my village school in 1945 when British India was celebrating the victory of British I never saw or would want to see any war movies (the one I enjoyed was Farewel to arms)b And second writeup about American wars
I read some truths about Afghan and Iraq wars and you also know them all, the WMD and clear while lie that Bush and his cronies spread to the extent of everybody in US supporting it except one or two insignificant persons
Yes it is true wars benefit nobody but only spread destruction. Sometimes ago I wrote a blog on the event described in Qur'an Majeed What Queen Sheba said about war and how she tactfully avoided it. Trump is more outspoken form of white america as we are finding out now. I hope we do not get into another war front, now, God-forbid. Why did not anybody tell Obama that Afghans have never been subdued by any power, ask the British. I laugh at the ones who want to teach the Afghans the "Democracy". Sorry my hudt made me write too long

Mystic said...

Uncle: Can you please write Queen Sehba quote here. It might be a worth of post!

When I was writing this post, I recalled one poem of Hasan Abidi: I posted during Iraq war - and did loose translation in english

bsc said...

I hope this will be OK

If the link does not work I can cut and paste here IA