Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ashfaq Ahmad's last words

I am writing this post for myself to remember something which is important to me. I have learned a good deal out of this. Personally, though I don't agree with Ashfaq sahab's lot of views but indeed his writings left deep mark on my psych. I strongly believe that if someone has not read his short story "Gadarya" (Shepard), has not touched Urdu literature at all! (here)

As per Banu Apa: "On the morning of September 7 (2004), Ashfaq sahab left us forever. Just before his last breath, as he saw me sad he said - Qudsia, ghabrana ya pareshan mat hona! jo kuch ho raha hai theek hi ho raha hai".


Anonymous said...

Wonderful words. Left me inspired..

mystic-soul said...

Indeed they are!