Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dreaming of rubble

I am always interested in pathophysiology, para-psychology and mystical dimensions of dreams, as you may have seen many posts on this blog. Here one caught my eye from one man who in one way belongs to my intellectual tribe, fondly called NFP. He dissects his dream in an unusual manner!

"In the dream I’m in a plain t-shirt and jeans, looking (and feeling) like I used to in my 20s: Lean, agile and a swift walker; no ‘pot belly’ or that stoic post-40 calm. I often dream about my father, to whom I was very close. Perhaps my mind has yet to accept his passing away. Nevertheless, in the dream he drops me in a busy area full of traffic and shops, and where lots of construction work is taking place. I get off, and that is when I realise I am carrying a black knapsack. This is strange because I have always hated knapsacks. Even when I travel across Asian and European cities and walk for hours, I refuse to carry one. So I wonder what the knapsack symbolised in the dream? Some sort of a burden or a worrying thought, perhaps?............."

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