Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hair and Spirituality!

(aaj bhi jab bimar hota hun to amma kehti hain baal katwa lo)

In Study of religions, you will find 2 trends when it comes to hair. One set of ritualists believe to shave their head fully like Thai monks. This comes from the belief that if you keep your head bald you divert your energy inward and channel it for spiritual enlightenment

OR they do believe to grow or never cut the hair, like our sikh community (I just love them). This comes from the belief that as you grow your hair, you spread the inner energy outward, and your communal power get strong with spiritual strength.

I found these 2 contrasting views very interesting.

You will be surprise to know that there is a website dedicated to history and mythology of hair http://thehistoryofthehairsworld.com/

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