Saturday, September 14, 2013

On "Housewarming Gift"

Norma works in our hospital's ER desk. Coincidently she lives in my neighborhood. Few years ago, when I bought a house, I invited her to just come over with her family. Indeed, she did. As a housewarming gift, she bought a plant! I look bewildered at her. she said: "My Grandma used to say that there is nothing better than a plant for new house. As plant grows everyday, your love and kinship for house grows".

My daughter regularly watered and trimmed the plant. This evening, I realized how integral this plant has become part of my everyday life as I go in and out of my house!

(Today I recalled my one very old post on Mali Baba! (here)


Anonymous said...

Love the simple yet meaningful post!
Some gifts always remain cherish-able...!

mystic-soul said...